All of our artists have a very different tattooing style. Make sure you take a look at portfolios to get an idea of whom you would like to work with and how they tattoo. If you ask four of our artists for a crow, you would get four very different crows. Take look at their work, if you like the way they do everything else, you will probably like the way they tattoo your crow.

Max Wetzel
Max WetzelTattoo Artist
Professionally tattooing since 2000, Wetzel has spent years studying and perfecting his craft. “Whatever I’m paying attention to has some connection to tattooing. Studying iconography, anthropology, history—all these pull into it. Not to sound one dimensional or anything, but it’s an all-consuming kind of gig. It requires your whole effort if you want to do it right.” “I like big, bold, traditional-based tattoos. “
Kevin Adams
Kevin AdamsTattoo Artist
Kevin has been in the industry for most of his adult life. He is highly skilled in all styles, but has a particular fondness for the bold, bright, graphic look. “Anything that looks like a cartoon, comic, or a sticker. The veteran artist is also a popular choice for clients wanting cover-up work, a skill he honed under mentor, Reno Price. Adams has earned several awards for his work and has been featured for in several magazines.
Jennifer Caballero
Jennifer CaballeroPiercer
Jen has been piercing for 16 years. “I’ve been fascinated with piercing ever since a friend brought a book to school showing pierced people who were beautiful!” As for her style, “Folks pretty much know the look they want, and I help them to achieve it.” She loves watching her clients beam with pride when they look into the mirror at their new piercing.
Zac Walker
Zac WalkerTattoo Artist
A tattoo artist since 2012, Zac's favorite styles are Illustrative and New School, though he does a little bit of everything. “Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m going to draw until I start drawing it.” The craft of tattooing is a family affair for Zac; the Charleston native apprenticed under his older brother, local tattoo artist Tra Walker. Tattooing was a natural choice for Walker, who has always loved art and excelled at it.
Hannah Scoggins
Hannah ScogginsTattoo Artist
In the industry since 2013, Hannah Scoggins enjoys creating all styles of tattoos (especially Traditional), with the exception of New School. A recent transplant to West Virginia from California, the extremely driven Scoggins had a goal: to become part of the highly respected Black Eagle team. “The people I work with inspire me. When I moved here, I wanted to get into this shop, because I knew the talent that was here.”

Guest Artists

We host many guests on their travels. Sometime folks come through once, and sometimes again and again. If you are interested in larger works from guests make sure you check to see if they will be back on any kind of regular basis. We host some of the most talented artists from all over the globe and they are ever changing. Make sure you check back to see who’s coming, or go ahead and sign up for our mailing list on the bottom of the page.