Kevin Adams

Kevin Adams has been in the industry for most of his adult life. The award winning tattooist is highly skilled in all styles, but has a particular fondness for the bold, bright, graphic look. “Anything that looks like a cartoon, comic, or a sticker. I love American Traditional because it’s a very bold tattoo. I love New School-- same reason--it’s very cartoony, it stands out, you can tell what it is immediately.”

The veteran artist is also a popular choice for clients wanting cover-up work, a skill he honed under mentor, Reno Price. Adams has earned several awards for his tattoos and flash designs and has been featured for his work in several magazines.
Jamie Taaffe

Tattoo artist Jamie Taaffe apprenticed under Guru Tattoo before coming to work for Nick and Kevin at Black Eagle. The St. Albans native has been in the industry since 2009. He enjoys creating most tattoo styles (especially American Traditional and Neo Traditional works) and has a knack for custom lettering. He is especially drawn to color. “A lot of softer blends, more of the bright, poppier tattoos.”
Ryan Spradling

Growing up, Spradling spent a lot time in the music scene. He was fascinated with the tattoos he saw there and knew it was just a matter of time until he had his own. Always good at art, he briefly studied graphic design after high school, but missed creating with his hands. That’s when he approached Nick Quinn and asked to be trained as a tattoo artist. Spradling knew he had found the perfect fit. “I’m lucky enough to do something that actually makes me happy.”
Zac Walker

A tattoo artist since 2012, Zac Walker’s favorite styles are Illustrative and New School, though he does a little bit of everything, finding inspiration everywhere. “Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m going to draw until I start drawing it.” The craft of tattooing is a family affair for Zac; the Charleston native apprenticed under his older brother, local tattoo artist Tra Walker. Tattooing was a natural choice for the gifted younger Walker, who has always loved art and excelled at it. “If it’s artsy, I try it.”
Max Wetzel

Max Wetzel is a new face to some at Black Eagle, but he is no novice. Professionally tattooing since 2000, Wetzel has spent years studying and perfecting his craft. “Whatever I’m paying attention to has some connection to tattooing. Studying iconography, anthropology, history—all these pull into it. Not to sound one dimensional or anything, but it’s an all-consuming kind of gig. It requires your whole effort if you want to do it right.” His preference leans toward traditional Japanese or American style tattooing. “I like big, bold, traditional-based tattoos that are easy to read from across the room. “
Hannah Scoggins

In the industry since 2013, Hannah Scoggins enjoys creating all styles of tattoos (especially Traditional), with the exception of New School. A recent transplant to West Virginia from California, the extremely driven Scoggins had a goal: to become part of the highly respected Black Eagle team. “The people I work with inspire me. When I moved here, I wanted to get into this shop, because I knew the talent that was here.” Working hard to perfect her craft, Hannah realized her dream in October 2015 when she was invited to join Black Eagle’s staff. Always artistic and drawing, Scoggins’ interest in tattooing was sparked by her grandfather—“an old sailor” covered in tattoos”—whom Scoggins admired.

About Us

Founded in 2009, Black Eagle is the largest studio in the Charleston area, with 7 full-time tattoo artists on staff. 

Owners Nick Quinn and Kevin Adams work closely with the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department to ensure that Black Eagle is the definition of compliance and cleanliness, resulting in a shop that is inviting and comfortable.

Open seven days a week, the Black Eagle staff strives to give the best customer service possible. Black Eagle Tattoo carries a full line of tattoo-related retail products, including shirts and accessories.

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What’s your minimum?
We have a $50 minimum.
How much is a tattoo?
Aside from our minimum, we charge per piece due to artist/style differences. Our rate is $100 per hour for custom large scale work.
What do I need to get a tattoo?
Aside from a solid idea about what you want, all tattoos require a photo ID with proof of age.
How old do I need to be?
You must be at least 16 years old to get tattooed. If you are 16-17 years old, you must also have a legal guardian present with their photo ID. If your last name or address does not match on the photo IDs, you will need further documentation to prove they are your legal guardian.
How much are touch-ups?
Touch-Ups are free of charge within the first 6 months. This excludes hands, fingers, feet, face, neck, and white ink. There is an exception to this policy. Any tattoos showing signs of sun abuse or scab picking will not be eligible for free touch-ups.
What’s required to schedule an appointment with someone?
All appointments require a non-refundable $50 deposit. This deposit comes off the cost of the tattoo. If you call with at least 24 hours notice before your appointment, you can reschedule, but if you call within 24 hours of your appointment you will lose the deposit.
How long do I have to keep the bandage on it?
Leave tattoo bandage on fresh tattoo for 3-5 hours. If you’ll be going to sleep within the next 3-5 hours, leave the bandage on overnight to avoid complications.
What about when I take the bandage off?
Wash your hands, then using only your clean hands wash your new tattoo with mild soap and pat dry.
How often do I need to apply aftercare?
Wash your hands before applying a thin layer of aftercare or fragrance-free lotion 3-4 times a day. Some aftercare products absorb better than others, and some dry up quicker. Use your best judgment when it comes to how often you apply aftercare.
What do I do when my tattoo itches?
Do NOT pick or scratch your tattoo. Applying aftercare or lightly slapping the area may relieve some of the itching.
Can I go to the pool?
No swimming or soaking for at least 14 days. This is especially true for natural bodies of water and public pools.
When can I lay out?
No sunbathing or tanning for at least 14 days. Following those two weeks, please use SPF to keep your tattoo vibrant and looking good!
How often should I use sunblock?
SPF 30 or higher is recommended once the tattoo has fully healed. That means ANYTIME your tattoo is exposed to direct sunlight, it should be protected.
Can I draw my own tattoo?
Sure! Keep in mind that most of the time, our artists will use their best judgment when redesigning your artwork. Some designs just aren’t possible to do exactly as they are drawn. Otherwise, Bring plenty of references for your tattoo artist.
Where can I find designs?
We carry a good bit of flash (tattoo designs) in the studio. Many people have resorted to searching for photos on internet browsers and popular applications like Instagram and Pinterest.
What if you misspell something?
We take every precaution to make sure everything we do is properly spelled, but anything is possible. We require that the artist and client agree on all aspects of a design before it’s tattooed. Be sure to proofread tattoos with words, as you’ll be asked to sign and date a copy of the stencil used for your new tattoo.
Do you tattoo feet or hands?
Designs on your hands and feet will often fade the fastest, which is why we suggest against some designs being put on hands or feet. Also, the side of your foot and hand is nearly impossible to heal solid. We reserve the right to refuse doing any tattoo in an area that we feel will compromise the reputation of our studio.
When can I work out?
We wouldn’t dare keep you gym rats out of your routine, but please use some common sense when it comes to working out with a fresh tattoo. You don’t want the tattoo exposed to other folks’ sweat, germs, or even the chemicals in those cleaning solutions that are often sprayed on equipment. Healing tattoos that are in areas that bend (i.e. bend of elbow, ribcage, neck, etc) can be affected by movement, so please make sure that these areas are lubricated with an aftercare product before starting any activity.
What do I need to get pierced?
All piercings require a photo ID.
How old do I need to be to get pierced?
You must be at least 16 years old to get pierced. If you are 16-17 years old, you must also have a legal guardian present with their photo ID. If your last name or address does not match on the photo IDs, you will need further documentation to prove they are your legal guardian. Furthermore, by law, no one under the age of 18 can have their nipples or genitals pierced.
How long will it take to heal?
Each piercing comes with a number of factors which could alter the time it takes to heal. Contact our piercer for heal times for a specific piercing.
Should I spin my jewelry when cleaning it?
It’s best to merely clean around the piercing with your solution and get rid of the dried fluid that has possibly collected around the opening. Twisting or spinning your jewelry can cause complications for the healing process.
What’s that stuff leaking out of my piercing?
Typically, a clear liquid will secrete from a fresh piercing. This is simply lymph exiting the body through your new piercing. It’s completely normal for this to happen and will often dry and create a crust around the opening.
How can I tell if my piercing is infected?
The fluid that drains from your piercing will smell bad and be more yellow-green in color. Extreme redness and swelling are also good indications that you may have a possible infection. Infections are often misdiagnosed by clients and their friends. Contact your piercer first before you schedule with your physician for an antibiotic.
What about oral care for piercing?
We suggest using an alcohol free mouthwash or warm sea salt water after eating or drinking. No smoking or drinking for at least 14 days. Avoid wet kissing or unprotected oral sex during healing. Keep your fingers and other objects out of your mouth.

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